No.1 We would be able to create the future from the history.

日本酒生酛造り The sake by the Kimoto brewer method◆


Now, The Kimoto of sake which is watched by many sake lovers is gradually increasing the brewery

with using the Kimoto brewer method year by year.

人工乳酸に頼らず、酒母の中で天然の乳酸を増やす江戸時代から続く 日本伝統の酒造り。

It which is produced by increased the natural lactic acid in the Shubo (the beer brewer called it starter)

without relying on the artificial lactic acid the brewer method (the Sokujohmoto)

of the current mainstream has been the sake brewing of Japanese traditional

since the early Edo period (the early 17th century).




The sake has been able to generate highest alcohol content from among the brewed beverage

around the world.

It is the special brewer method of Japanese sake and a passion of brewers

by mastered a highly complex "multiple parallel fermentation" from the era

as there was no the refrigerator,the hygrometer and the thermometer.


Come on! The new era of the Kimoto's sake is coming.




The way to enjoy of sake will be spreading to the infinity from new at there was no it in the old day.

It is not only hot or cold sake, like wine the difference in taste by good harvest or crop failure of rice

in each year and the vintage sake such as.



You must try to drink the Kimoto sake of Japanese traditional brewer method,

as Samurai and Japanese predecessors who created the era had loved to drink it.


I was wondering if you could have an image when we are drinking it

they are waving their hand at smile for us from a distance.

  Thank you for reading indeed.