No,3  We would be able to create the future from the history.

★酛場(酒母室) The Moto room



The Moto room is also called the Shubo room which makes the Shubo
(the beer brewer called it starter).

The Moto room usually separates Ki Moto and Shokujo Moto.





A most the Sake Brewery had to change to Shokujo Moto with agonizing  decision,
because it was during the World War II by serious shortage  of rice,
the lack of worker by sent to battlefield.

This brewer method made by adding the artificial lactic acid to Shubo from started in 1943
by invented
 this method in 1910.

It was the period when the inside environment of the sake brewery was drastically changing
by this method.



It isn't easily begin again the Ki Moto method from changed to Shokujo Moto method,
because the Ki Moto sake brewer method is the result which have been cultivated
the suitable
 environment of brewery inside over the years.



Brewers of sake said that we are still exploring  the brewer method of predecessors
which had interrupted
  once for reviving  the Ki Moto brewer method
with a lot of time and effort.

The sake which is influenced by climate  and history is exactly a Japanese culture.



I often watch the scene of hobnob  together  in the samurai drama.


The age of samurai, the cup of sake was Hirahai (the shallow  and small cup).


It seems the Ochoko (the deep and small cup) had used after drunken
in the second half of the party.


Of course, the sake of the Edo period was Ki Moto sake which had exactly
been coming along with samurai society.


First of all, what would you say to drink to your favorite sake by Hirahai with Iki
like Samurai?


There might be new discoveries.