No,4 We would be able to create the future from the history.

★酒は百薬の長 The sake is the top of a most medicine.



The fermented foods like the yogurt and cheeses which improve the intestinal environment are in vogue.


There is the sake of the traditional brewer method's Kimoto which increases

the natural lactic acid while getting the lactic acid bacteria from the air to shubo.



When I had been to the sake brewer which is brewing the nature sake

located in Katori-gun Chiba-ken about 5 years ago, I was allowed to drink shubo

which is near to Moromi (the beer brewer called it main mash) process

with Hishyaku (Japanese scoop).


Its taste is exactly sweet yogurt.



The sake master brewer said "many natural lactic acids, the amino acid, glucose

and wild yeast are alive in shubo, so it can drink from children to the elderly".



I still remember the scene that about 10 years old child of in the party was scooping up

for drinking this shubo many times by a small Hishyaku when I had been to there

with about 20 people by a bus.


The sake master brewer who saw it said "Could you please return that beverage

to shubo if you had remained it".


I was so surprised at his words.




It is usually said thing we aren't eaten the Natto when we will visit to the sake brewer,

because it must be careful to be not bad influence by the Natto bacteria

to the internal environment of the sake brewer.

But, he said there is no impact this sake brewer because It will be culled it

if a little outsider bacteria broke in here by become strong environment.


I hope we become in the intestinal environment like this.


I who is a quite fan "Taira no Kiyomori" of NHK Taiga drama on TV program am enjoying

to watch it without missing.



The era setting of this drama is Heian period (the early 12th century).

The sake of this era was the Bodaimoto brewer method which is the basis of

the Kimoto brewer method.

The Bodaimoto brewer method began at the temple of Shoryakuji which has been

the birthplace of Japanese sake.                                          


I guess Taira no Kiyomori had been having a passion to create the world of the samurai

with drinking this sake.



What would you say to drinking the sake tonight?Think you for reading.